Sona and Jasmine

We can never refrain from giving fashion advice to anyone, which is why we couldn't think of a better profession for ourselves than fashion-styling. We constantly get pictures of clothes from friends, while they shop, so we can give them advice on what to buy.  Putting together outfits for all our friends when going out is only natural.  E-mailing pictures of how to accessorize a recently purchased outfits is what they expect us to do.


Jasmine’s love affair with fashion goes back to her 1st birthday, when she chose her birthday outfit (as her parents have told her). While, Sona’s goes back to when she was six, telling her mom exactly what kind of buttons to put on a top.


We would’ve never thought that this interest would lead to a passion, realized during an art class in high school - where we met and decided we belonged in fashion school.


Our knowledge of fashion was honed at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and later nurtured while working on fashion shows, photo shoots, fashion blogging and by immersing ourselves in fashion magazines and websites.